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Zodiac Killer

Zodiac Killer is a name that came to be so much spoken off in the 1960’s in Northern California. He just came about and started killing people in a mysterious way. He claimed responsible for the killings and said that he did so to make sure that he had slaves in his next life. This was a strange belief and his killings caused fear and terror to all the people. You don’t know where or when he would strike next. He was strategic at his killings and every time the police thought that they had learnt his pattern and were sure of getting him, he would change his way and leave them puzzled.

Zodiac made the whole region to be in a state of fear. He threatened to even place bombs and kill school children. Zodiac used to attack and kill in a very short time. He would appear and disappear and always left behind a few letters and a list of possible suspects. In the end Zodiac claimed responsibility of thirty seven murders and only seven were confirmed by the police. They also suspected other people and not Zodiac despite him having claimed responsibility.

People engaged in discussions about who Zodiac was but they forgot to learn anything from previous incidents. By looking carefully at an attack, police should be able to prevent future attacks. They should be able to advise citizens on ways to make sure that they do not fall into the trap of killers like Zodiac.

Killers like Zodiac are always on the lookout for situations where they can take advantage. They strike people who are most vulnerable and by so doing they get what they want. Should they fail to find a situation that they want, they find a way of creating one. It is thus clear that with the proper self-defense skills you can be prevent yourself from being a target of killers like Zodiac. Real self-defense does not entail just how to physically react when attacked but is mostly about how to prevent you from being in a situation that a killer can take advantage of.

In the Zodiac case the victims are not to blame. It is however good to note that with simple actions and basic self-defense training they would have made a good difference. Observing simple things like being careful about where you travel, staying in well lit areas and not travelling with strangers could have helped save the situation.


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