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Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin is a novel of the mid 19th century. The novel is also called “Life Among the Lowly.” According to Kaufman, the novel was well timely and was a great asset when it came to laying out the groundwork for the civil war. Harriet Stowe, a teacher, wrote the novel. Stowe played the Uncle Tom’s character. The novel revolves around Uncle Tom and his sufferings as a black slave. All the other characters have their roles built around Tom who is the main character. The reality of slavery is portrayed in this touching novel. The author also tries to show the reader how the destruction by slavery can be overcome through Christian love.

Best-selling Novel

In the 19th century, slavery was at its highest. People were trafficked and sold out as slaves. Those who resisted were tortured and some killed. Human beings that had no power had were forced to work for others without any pay. So this novel came as something that most people identified with. This made the best-selling novel in that century. In the 19th century alone, it sold way over 300 thousand copies I the United States only. Another one million copies was sold in what was then the Great Britain. In three years time from the date of publication, Stowe’s novel was more popular than any other novel of that time. Many did not believe that this novel was written by a lady due to the level of acceptance that it got. It was arguably the second best-selling book at that time, trailing the Bible. It was a great novel and its themes fueled the abolitionist which was what Stowe greatly believed in.


In the past days, women were not seen as better writers. They were undermined and their works never got much acceptance by the male chauvinistic societies of the time. This led to many female authors publishing their works using male name so as to penetrate the biased markets. We see a different story with Stowe. She publishes her book in her female name. The first full print of the book was in 1852. After that print and all the copies were sold, Stowe was seen as if to have been fueling the war with her works and thus demand for the book came to a halt. Her work resumed printing in the year 1862. Demand was high and this novel was translated to many other languages.


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