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Terrorism And Homeland Security

Terrorism and homeland security is a book written by an acclaimed national expert on terrorism Jonathan R. White. The market-leading book is mostly recognized as a balanced, comprehensive and objective oriented text that can help one through the course on terrorism. The book is packed with examples and discussions that are engrossed and of cutting edge that provides both the conceptual and theoretical framework that enables one to understand the means by which terrorism arises and its functionality. The writer discusses the most modern theories of the world’s best analysts on terrorism and also explains the domestic and international threat by terrorists and the basic security concerns surrounding terrorism in the modern days. Another important fact about the book is that it has given out the essential historical background to the terrorism phenomenon and the contemporary conflicts that are shaping the world stage. It also presents with concrete theoretical and conceptual information regarding the homeland security organizations. The writer has been lauded for his extended discussion of current issues that include the role of women in terrorist organizations, how terrorist activities get financed, the relationship between drugs and terrorism and the influence of media on homeland security.

The nature of modern terrorism

In todays, world terrorism isn’t a physical object that can be felt in one's hand or even measured but is an abstract idea that refers to different things to different people. In modern days, the methods of participating in political violence have changed, and even any form of terrorism can dominate the battlefield. Although the term terrorism has been around for the past a hundred years or even longer the modern terrorism is a new and different phenomenon that requires the support of technological advancement in the world. First modern terrorism requires attention that is they must be heard and seen. Second, it involves mobility whereby the goal is to reach the target and get away without any trace. Finally, it requires sophisticated weapons and materials that can cause massive destructions.

Homeland security response

Modern terrorism is not a war that happens in the traditional or constitutional sense anymore. Terrorism is a way of fighting that needs innovative and strategic responses from the security. It also needs responses that encourage rationality instead of emotions. Terrorism becomes a pain in the ass for the law enforcement officers when ineffective tactics are not applied and the military forces should be deployed when it reaches such point. Homeland security needs to come up with small agencies that operate as an extension of the neighborhoods. The agencies will help in uprooting terrorist problems even before they happen.


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