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Stress at Workplace

Stress at the workplace is the response people have when given responsibilities or a job inappropriate to their abilities or skills, resources and support accorded to them by the people around their lives. The pressure from expectations the employer has makes it a challenge for the employees to cope if the job given doesn’t matched with their knowledge. Workplace stress harms the physical, mental and social well being of the employee. Stress at workplace is quite normal and can be useful in career development although if not handled well impacts negatively on the productivity of the employee. It’s normal because there are things that are out of the control of the employee in the work environment and how he approaches such brings the difference.

What brings about workplace stress?

Stress at workplace comes from various sources ranging from personal, interpersonal and work environment factors. The amount of workload given to an employee can act as stressor. Having a heavier workload than one can comfortably finish denies the employee peace of mind. Having a workload that underutilizes the ability of an employee can cause stress too.

If an employee is given work that is too hard for them to do, they strain physically and psychologically.

Creating a hostile working environment for the employees not only reduces their efficiency but also acts as a stressor. Threatening professional and personal status of an employee as well as denying them deserved credit contributes immensely to stress.

A disagreement with fellow workmates or employers at the workplace majorly arising from harassment is a stressor to employees.

Harassments based on sex mostly directed to women adversely affect their wellbeing. This can be noted in jobs that require muscle power where most women find it a challenge.

The status of the employee contributes to stress regardless of their duties. The low level employees are more vulnerable to stress than the powerful ones since they too can have workloads.

Managing stress at workplace

In order to minimise the negative impacts stress has on the productivity on employees, stress needs to be dealt with in ways that neither harm the employer nor the employee. Stress management starts with one taking care of their physical and emotional wellbeing. Healthy dietary practices and regular exercises make one feel good and better equipped for a job.

Organizing tasks according to their priorities improves their efficiency and contentment in the jobs. This is crucial in maintaining a stress free mind.


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