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Where to Look for a Strong Example of a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

A rhetorical analysis is a type of writing that is supposed to show how a writer or a speaker persuades someone to change their mind. It focuses on how language shapes the way a listener thinks or feels about a topic. To get a high score on this style of essay, students should use examples from online and offline sources.

How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis

To write this paper, students must understand what the author thought. They should consider the author's purpose and the audience that they are writing to. Once the student understands why the author created the document, they can consider the strategies that the author used to achieve their goals. The most important questions in the student's essay should be how and why the author is writing.

Check Offline Sources

Academic journals, library books and writing guides will normally have examples of a rhetorical analysis. Students can check the library database for examples. If they cannot find an example paper easily, the student can always ask the librarian for assistance.

In addition to the library, the professor may also have an example of a rhetorical analysis paper. Often, professors keep some of the best papers from the previous class. Students can visit their teacher during office hours to ask about different examples that might be available for them to look at.

Online Options

From free websites to paid options, there are a number of online locations that offer sample papers. Students can find a basic free essay on a number of different websites. Since these papers can be found using a basic Internet search, they cannot be turned in as the student's own work. If the student wants to turn in these documents, they will need to pay for a paper from a custom writing company or a freelance writer.

Visit the Writing Center

Most campuses will contain a writing center or a tutoring center. Within this location, students will find examples of a variety of different writing styles. In addition, the student can arrange for a tutor to edit and proofread their paper. The tutor may be able to offer help with ideas or provide the student with writing tips.

If there is not a writing center at the student's school, they can hire a tutor online. Since online tutors are located around the world, they can generally charge lower fees than an in-person tutor. In addition, these tutors will be available at a range of different times each day. The student just has to find a tutor that is available during the right time and is knowledgeable about writing.


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