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Tips For Choosing And Narrowing Strong Reflective Essay Topics

A reflective essay is one that allows you to reveal something about yourself to the reader, as opposed to showing off your mastery in a particular field. A reflective essay writing skill is an important one to master because it allows you to develop your creative writing skills. If you are ever asked to produce an essay to show-off your writing skills it is these kind of essays that are going to back the most punch.

Selecting A Topic

One of the most difficult aspects of creating a reflective essay is coming up with a title that will allow you to write something of interest. A great title will give you the freedom to write about a variety of different things, which means you’ll have enough material to write a great essay.

If you are still struggling to come up with a great topic then here are some ideas:

  • Any obstacle which took you a lot of motivation and determination to overcome. This could be losing weight or beating an addiction.
  • A failure that inevitably you learnt from and have gained success from. This is an emotional topic therefore the words should flow on the page.
  • If you have ever made a sacrifice in your life then you could write about how difficult it was to make it, and what you got in return.
  • Is there a person that you admire more than most? Then you can write a reflective essay on it. If it’s a person that is in the public eye like a celebrity then people may be able to relate to the topic.
  • You could write an essay on life goals that you have, and why they are important to you.
  • What is the best advice that you have ever received. Share this in the form of a reflective essay and you will be able to educate others with the advice.
  • Unique experiences can leave us with some life-changing memories. This would be a great topic for a reflective essay.

Top Tip To Follow

The best reflective essay topics will be those that you can get emotional about. A reflective essay shouldn’t feel like work, it’s kind of like writing a diary at the end of a day – you do it because you want to. So think about your passions in life and the topic that you come up with will be a strong one regardless of what it actually is.


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