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12 Angry Men

The principle of persuasion is seen when juror #8 decides to carry out a ballot system of voting and wants to know how many of the others stand for his ideas and concept. After the ballot is put when the chits are read, it is found that one more individual other than jury #8 also finds him not guilty. Hence all the other jury members feel that they have been cheated and that the individual who has supported the jury #8 has been mislead by the juror #8. On saying so the juror #9 the wise old man admits that he is the one who had changed his votes because he respected and believed the independence of thought of the juror #8 and he also feels that the boy deserves the right to be given the benefit of doubt and this was possible only if the juror was given support and he felt that he was convinced enough to vote that he was not guilty. He also states that may be the boy would ultimately turn out to be guilty but he would want to hear the entire story and its truth before having to decide upon anything, hence going to prove that the socio-psychological principle of persuasion, worked as the juror #8 changed the ideas, attitude and behavior of the target with the help of information or argument.

The concept on the whole explores the unreliable judgments, deep-seated personal prejudices, indifference, perceptual biases and weaknesses, anger, ignorance and fears, cultural differences, personalities, of the twelve men that would have turned out to actually threaten to spoil their decision-making skills, cause them to make no reckoning of the real matters in the case, and lead them to wrongdoing. It was because of one smart and brave juror who had the guts in him to stand up for what he felt was right and not fall into the group of other individuals and forget his social psychological behavior of conformity that required him to express his thoughts, feelings and behaviors in accordance with the social norms or standards that were set up others.

It is the fact that this juror was able to persistently and persuasively force the other juries to reconsider the case against the endangered defendant. It was because of the fact that he stood up to criticize the eye witnesses and proved them wrong and then criticize the system for actually appointing a public defense lawyer who was not capable enough to handle the case and did not really appreciate being appointed as one.

Although the case on the whole seems pretty easy to understand and also seems to be one that can be easily solved with the knife of the murder scene being found, the eye witnesses and the supposed idea of the boy fleeing. The entire concept portrayed by the jurors, each and every scene enacted by them goes to prove that the jurors’ behavior could be easily socio-psychologically analyzed.

The episodes portrayed in the film if they were not in the situation where may be the jurors would have reacted differently. It has been noticed that these socio-psychological behaviors witnessed in individuals may be actually responsible for the imminent change in their values, lifestyle and their self-concepts.


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