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A List Of The Most Common Process Analysis Essay Topic Ideas

Whether you want to know what the most common process analysis essay topics are because you want to use them and perhaps put your own spin on a popular subject or because you are looking to avoid them and come up with something more unique, it is always useful to discover what others are writing for a particular type of writing assignment.

  • One common topic is how to write an effective paper. This subject has a dual benefit: completing the assignment and explaining how you completed the assignment successfully! What you discover while writing this assignment can be applied to the essay itself and perhaps earn you a better grade for your efforts.
  • Another topic focus for a process paper involves explaining the procedure for an extracurricular interest, such as how to play a particular sport or a musical instrument or how to draw a picture or knit a scarf. The benefit of this type of paper is that the student is already interested in and a sort of expert on the subject, which ensures that she or he will remain interested in it and be able to explain it more effectively.
  • A third popular topic option would be to describe an institutional process you learned at a summer or after-school job. Included in this category would be subjects like how hamburgers are made at a particular restaurant, how a musical is produced at a regional theatre, how lattes are made at a local coffee shop, or how to roof a house. Writing on these kinds of issues allows the student to share a skill or method that is unique to his or her own experiences.
  • An additional category of topics that is common in process essays is the everyday task. Such tasks include how to cook a particular dish, create a budget, resolve a conflict with a sibling, convince your parents to allow you to do something, find a job, apply for a job, overcome a breakup or heartbreak, apply for financial aid or scholarships, and take care of a pet. These areas of focus are relatable, shared experiences, but a student’s essay will also demonstrate the different ways to accomplish these universal processes.

In the end, writing a process essay on a common topic can be a great idea if the student demonstrates his or her unique perspective or approaches the process in a distinctive way. The challenge with any essay is to write what you know or what you are willing to learn more about and to present it in an uncommon way.


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