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Cell Phones Are Destroying Privacy Rights

Marketed as a way to keep in contact and connected with social and work groups, cell-phones have been utilized by a vast majority of people. Recent studies show, however, that our mobile phones are not only invading out privacy, but destroying it. Startling issues with security cause many people to question whether or not their daily activity and information they have stored is available and viewable to others. This is absolutely a cause for concern, because it is happening.

Wireless carriers certainly have not done enough in controlling their security gaps, and because of this, the information and data that we have stored on our phones creates and exceedingly overwhelming risk of privacy. Quoted in a 2012 publication on, a Christopher Soghoian brought the issue of privacy risk to discussion in a TED Global discussion. He demonstrated how a cell-phone can easily be made into a surveillance device, tracking information and location of the user. Most phones offer 3G or 4G, and the lower-end 2G, which Soghoian expresses to be an extremely weak item in the department of security capabilities. He expressed that most phones are backward compatible and able to access 2G networks, making them extremely vulnerable to third-party access. This means that the government, law enforcement, and any person reasonably smart or desperate enough to hack into or track your device is able to.

Not only is your privacy in a vulnerable position from the previously mentioned, but there is also software which can track your records of text messages, phone calls, and change of location. Verizon offers“Chaperone” software which sends parents notifications of their child’s whereabouts when leaving designated “parentally safe” areas. The incessant and ridiculous infringement on privacy continues with software such as Big Daddy, which acts as an at-home spy gaining access to all information on the phone. Google Latitude is another service, which is free to users, and allows access to phone data as well. It’s important to keep in mind these are just a few of the “services” offered to consumers, and that there are many more looking to infringe on personal privacy rights.

In modern day, to be efficient is to be technologically savvy and to have the newest and most updated smart-phone, tablet, and computer. While these items are marketed at us with the illusion that it is for personal benefit and entertainment, we should take a minute to question who exactly is the one benefiting from our purchases, our uses, and our conversations?


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