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The Top 10 Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students

High school students are at an age where they can understand the little things of life but cannot precisely analyse them. Their minds are not an entirely blank slate but it is rather monochromatic. They find it hard to see the positives of both sides of logic.

Development of brains

They should be encouraged to make enlightened enquiry into popular subjects through persuasive essays. These essays are meant to foster development of brains. This is the brilliance of literature that if you explore into the gamut, you will find several perspectives to make you more pragmatic and absorptive of a subject.

The areas to glean topics

The persuasive topics should preferably revolve around current events of note. The emphasis may be placed on some germane laws which should not be there. There is merit in seeking topics into the moral codes as to whether they are still applicable. In case some earnest precept is getting diluted, a persuasive essay will bring the point to light.

Egged towards persuasive essays

High school students generally tend to dread writing essays; typically on topics they hardly know of. Their imaginative germ doesn’t exactly scintillate and they struggle to expand their thoughts from objective to subjective. Through the facility of persuasive topics, these students find something they can chew on, something they know something of. Thus, they are easily egged to contribute to the topic.

The teacher’s role

Teachers should make them aware of how to see things through different perspective. A dog may be ugly but it may still have beautiful teeth. The art of seeing positives and comparing with negatives is a glorious arrow students need to do their persuasive essays.

Emphasis on debates

Schools should conduct healthy debates and raise awareness so that kids can elevate their thinking prowess to a new height. This helps them step mentally towards later life and accept the harsh realities they have still not come across.

Here is a list of ten exciting persuasive essay topics –

  1. Should students be allowed cell phone in their high school years?
  2. Should students get an allowance to grade teachers?
  3. Is the frisking law at airports ethical?
  4. How to curb the rate of pre-marital pregnancy?
  5. Should laws be equal for all?
  6. The impact of advertisements on high school student’s minds
  7. Comment on women’s liberation and free speech
  8. How to create anti-racism awareness among general people?
  9. Does God exist?
  10. Should corporal punishment be banned?

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