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X-Ray Machines

X-rays are very common and important in the medical field. They have helped many doctors to make the right diagnosis and thus recommend treatment for their patients. Even so, many people do not know how they work. This essay offers vital information on X-ray machines work.

How X-Ray Machine S Work

Generally, x-rays machines are cameras that use x-rays instead of invisible rays to create images. These rays are highly penetrating, which means that they can take images of dense tissues. Basically, there are three main parts of an x-ray machine. The first one is a tube, which helps to create the x-rays. Secondly, there is the high voltage power source that supplies enough voltage for the machine to run well. Lastly, there is the console operator, which allows the doctor to either turn on or off the machine.

In depth, the x-ray machine has an electronic pair. It contains a cathode and an anode, which have high voltage difference. This makes it possible for the electrons to pass through the x-ray tube with a lot of force. They will, hence, hit the atoms and release their energy in form of a photon. Normally, when a patient visits the doctor, they will be positioned in such a way that the part of the body being imaged is sandwiched between the x-ray source and detector. The doctor will then turn on the machine so that the x-rays are absorbed by the part of body being imaged.

Note that body tissues have different radiological density, which means that the x-rays will be absorbed differently. Still, there are different atomic numbers of materials in every body tissue. Bones, for instance, have high levels of calcium, thus higher atomic numbers. This explains why it is easy to get clear images from the bones. On the other hand, the x-rays are not well absorbed in fatty tissues or the air-filled cavities.

Where The X-Ray Machines Are Used?

X-ray machines can be used to detect tumors, foreign objects, and abnormal injuries among other things. Still, they can be used to treat diseases such as cancer. In this case, high-energy radiation is used to damage tumors. Due to the complaints about the effects of the process, doctors and researchers are finding ways to reduce the radiation dose. At the same time, efforts have been made to enable them get clearer images. Simply put, x-ray machines have different components, and use highly penetrating x-rays to take images in different parts of the body.


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