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Where to Find Interesting Essay Topics on Education in Pakistan

Pakistan is a small country if we consider it geographically relative to the other huge nations in the world. However, it has been in discussion due to a couple of reasons. The international market holds significant interest in the education sector, social reforms and development in Pakistan. If you choose to write an essay about the country, you will need deep down research and an objective approach. For what you might have heard until now, must not be how actually the country and nation is. In the past, students had problems in writing about other nations and distant lands because they could not travel so far to interact with the locals and actually get to know the real culture. However, times have changed now. The internet revolution has brought the entire world in your pocket. You simply access the internet with your mobile device and find out anything you want to learn.

Now that you need to write an essay about education in Pakistan, there are two situations

  1. You only want to complete this essay because the teacher has assigned it to you
  2. You have a genuine interest in learning about how education sector works in the country

If you are doing it just for the sake of an essay assignment, then you do not need to waste much time. Simply, search the web and find different articles, journals, guides and resources talking about topics for your education essay. If it is the latter and you are up to making some efforts then it would be best to carry out primary research.

You can find people from Pakistan on any blog, forum, social media network, online communities and platforms. Talk to them and ask your questions to help you understand their experiences with the education sector. Read local newspapers of the country, published in English to see how the media shows education industry. Find global record holders in O/A levels and other fields of education from the country and see their history and background. Make a list of all the notable points that you need to include in your paper.

Example topics for education in Pakistan

  • Ali Moeen Nawazish- global record holder for maximum A’s in A levels
  • Microsoft certified youngest individuals from Pakistan and their schooling
  • O/A levels versus Matriculation and FSc, the never-ending war
  • Should high quality education be a public service to ensure kids from poor families can excel better?

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