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How To Get A Checked Narrative Essay Outline Example For Cheap: Vital Advice

Narrative Essay Writing Made Simple

This is different than your standard essay. The paper tells a personal story of yours with a lesson you learned at the end. This was assigned to you for one of the following reasons:

  1. Help you articulate your personal experience.
  2. An exercise in metacognition or reflecting on your thoughts and actions.
  3. Deepen your coursework engagement by linking your personal history to class content.

Just like a fiction story, a narrative essay has character development, a prologue, conflict and an epilogue. The problem is most of us don't like to or aren't used to writing about ourselves.

How To Plan Your Narrative Essay:

Thanks to the personal nature of the paper, little academic research is needed. To plan, brainstorm and freewrite about the following 3 things:

  1. Think of an event or incident that’s worth writing about.
  2. What about this event will make it relevant or insightful for a reader?
  3. Think of vivid details (imagery, emotionally-loaded adjectives) that will evoke emotions in the reader.

Tip: Freewriting works best when you set a time limit. And don't worry about grammar or spelling yet.

Create an Outline

Now you have a topic and several points to support it. You need an outline that will help you organize your ideas clearly leading off with your strongest one. Here are some free resources for outline help:

  1. Illinois Valley Community College has a useful outline template that you use to help you structure your paper. It helps you laying out your ideas and supporting points clearly; you won’t be confused when you write.
  2. Ask a Tutor: A tutor won't write your essay for you but since you have a topic and supporting ideas he or she can work with you to write an essay that flows well. See if you school has tutors or your teacher may be able to help after class.
  3. Automatic Outline Maker: Another online resource. On the website, type in your title, thesis, topics with supporting facts, click “Create Outline” and you’re finished!

Now that you have an idea and outline, you are ready to start writing. Once you draft it, set it aside for a few days and then proofread it for clarity. Good luck!


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