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Great Suggestions for Interesting Life of Pi Essay Topics

When you are trying to select a topic for your next paper, there are many things that you should consider. One of the best ways to craft the ideal topic for any assignment is to take time to review the text and lecture notes associated with your class. When you look over the text, look for headings and subheadings in particular. These will give you a very fast way to skim through the text in search of topics that were previously interesting to you but you may not have had the time to study in the past. If you find something that once upon a time piqued your interest it could make for the perfect topic.

If you need to write a paper on the Life of Pi, you can choose from any of the topics below:

  • Write about the idea of survival as it plays out inside of the text
  • Write about what Pi communicates through his decision of the animals who share the lifeboat
  • Write about the importance of believability within the novel
  • Write about why Pi offers two accounts of his ordeal. Focus on which one is true and which one you want to believe.
  • Write about what human understanding is and how it influences what is real from what is possible. Pay attention to the time when the Japanese officials are conducting the interview and claim not to believe his story because they have never seen such a thing.
  • Write about the ways in which Pi stays sane while in the middle of the ocean and what his measures say about human communication
  • Focus on the names in the book and how important naming is to the themes of the book
  • Focus on religion and the role it played in helping Pi to survive

If these do not seem appealing, then take some time to brainstorm topics that you might personally enjoy. Look into your notes about the story, or leaf through some of the pages to find notes you may have drawn in the margins. These can prove very useful as potential topics. You might have completed previous assignments on the topic which you can now expound upon. If you already did a shorter writing assignment, make sure that you remake the topic so that it is not repetitive, but covers a new angle or expounds upon an old theory.


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