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Architects drew their roots from this, while construction workers found a way to build upon their childhood dreams. Both of these careers can be dreamed of by children around the world when they pick up any amount of Lego blocks and let their imagination run wild. Based in Denmark, the Lego brand has found its way into millions of homes throughout the world after being created by a carpenter in the early 1930’s.

Legos are plastic building blocks that come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. These blocks all have circular holes that protrude from the surface of the block, allowing aspiring plastic construction men to interlock the pieces to build designs. Since the beginning of the Lego brand, an aspiring inventor can recreate famous architecture and even people. After achieving worldwide fame, such sets as the Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Taj Mahal and whole cities have been built literally brick by brick.

As popularity for these plastic building blocks was gained throughout the world, cheaper knock off brands have also been created. This feat has not stopped the Lego Corporation as they have also expanded their brand into movies, a theme park and board games. They have also become one of the largest toy distribution companies in the entire world. Legos have been used as a hands on way of teaching students throughout drafting and design courses around the nation, proving that they can be used at a variety of ages for fun and learning.

Most childhoods would not be complete without having at building at least one car, house or tower from Lego blocks. Legos are a way for the creative mind to begin from a young age, as students have to develop and build the toy that they want to play with. These bricks although very durable to build elaborate creations, are easily removable making them a prime toy throughout childhood development. Some pieces are very tiny so it is in the best interest of the adult supervisor to ensure that children do not put these small bricks anywhere near their mouth.

In conclusion, sometimes the most creative toy ideas for children are ones that do not have to be replaced every six months. As stated before, many companies have tried to imitate the same plastic bricks children have grown up loving, but the Lego brand has perfected the craftsmanship of the tiny plastic block. Almost 85 years later, they still outperform the other future brick layers of the world.


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