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Justice in Society

Justice in a society is a topic that has been debated extensively. Often compared with fairness, the purpose of a just society is to ensure that all the members of that society are given the same privileges, and opportunities. In a utopian society, the wealth of each member of the society should also be similar, or at least in direct correlation to their merit. Such a society, not only offers equal opportunities for growth and progress to everyone, it also ensures that the contributions of all its members are similar as well.

From education to health care, justice dictates that no one should be barred from availing these services, and that everyone should get a chance to enjoy the same standards of living. Such a justice system is also the foundation for the rights that the state declares as inalienable to its members. Rights like the freedom of speech, the freedom to follow the religion of one's choosing, the freedom to live without fear, and the freedom to pursue the life of their choosing as long as it does not violate the laws of society.

A just society must also have measures in place to deter threats to the society. Some form of regulation is a must in order to ensure that the greed of the few does not devoid the masses of their rights. Police forces are set up, the judicial system is installed, and extensive legal guides are set in all modern societies for this very reason. At the same time, a society that puts such measures in place needs to ensure that the very system that is meant to protect the masses, does not end up usurping the power and causing more harm than good.

Society has long flirted with the idea of systems that look after the people, and are made up of members of the society who were chosen by their peers. These societal systems must ensure civil, and social justice for everyone, and ensure their basic human rights at all times.

Justice in society is not a tangible concept, and is in fact highly abstract. It changes definitions based on the political ideologies of people. Theocrats and Fascists have opposing views when it comes to using the societal system for political power, while a communist might have a different concept of justice altogether.

In the end, justice is about giving people a chance to live without fear; the fear of never having enough, the fear of not being safe, and the fear of living in a less than fair society.


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