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Writing An An Essay Introduction: Tips And Examples

The introduction seems to be one of the most challenging aspects for a student when they set out to write their paper. But below you will find some tips that will guide you toward writing the perfect introductory paragraph no matter the type of assignment or the course for which your assignment is due.

  • If you are struggling with your introductory paragraph, do not fret. Many students struggle with the introduction no matter what their level of experience or the type of assignment they are completing. The introduction is an important component to your essay. The introduction serves as a roadmap for your reader. The function is to outline your main argument and the points that you were planning to develop within the body of your essay. Many introductory paragraphs start by orienting the reader through a big brief general statement which leads to the topic and shows the reader how your specific topic relates to the bigger issue. This is typically followed by a thesis statement which serves as your concise response to a question or to a problem that you want to solve.
  • When you set out to write your introduction no matter what the type of work you are completing your goal is to hook your reader. You want to make sure that the reader knows what they will find in your paper without giving it all away up front. If your reader is lost from the beginning of the assignment they’re not going to continue reading the rest of your argument and you might offer in terms of your final grade.
  • The introduction must catch the attention of your reader. It must navigate ureter and show them the direction that your paper is going to take. It should present a clear picture of how you are going to approach your research question or interpret your thesis. It should give context or a background to the key issue. If you argue that greenhouse gases are bad you have to present bigger pictures that the audience understands why and what they are. You also need to indicate what your point of view is. Do not simply say that some schools have dress code policies and others do not. State that some schools have dress code policies and others do not and that you think dress code policies are educationally beneficial to students.

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