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Academic Writing Tutorial - 5 Qualities Of A Good Topic For An Essay

You will likely have to write a lot of academic papers. It is one of the most used evaluation tools in school because it gives the teacher the best gauge of how well you are understanding the topics discussed in class. It does have its flaws. Some students who understand the topics are just not good at writing papers and some students who have no clue what is going on can fudge their way through an excellent paper. But all in all, it is an effective tool.

The topic that you choose for your paper is very important. It is really hard to write a paper on a bad topic. It can start you off in a bad position and make it really hard to accomplish the goal. There are some qualities that your topic should have that will make it easier for you to write a good essay. They include:

  1. Interesting
  2. The topic that you choose should be interesting. You will likely have to read through a ton of information so you want to make it so that you can handle it without falling asleep. You want to also write about something interesting to you because you will likely know more about it. That will make it easier to develop your ideas.

  3. Relevant
  4. This is an obvious characteristic but still worth mentioning. If you are taking an American history class, you have to write your paper on a historical event or personality relating to America. You also would want to make it relevant to the times. If you are asked about how technology changes life today, you wouldn’t want to write about an old technology.

  5. Specific
  6. You don’t want to write about a general sweeping topic. Choose one that is more relevant. You will have less information to sort through and it will be easier to come up with ideas to talk about and easier to write a thesis statement when you have a more specific topic.

  7. Broad enough
  8. Even though you want a specific topic, you can’t choose one that is too specific that you can’t find any information on it. This pertains mostly to things that are newly discovered or things that haven’t been studied. You need to at least meet your resource requirements and length requirements so keep that in mind when choosing one.

  9. Sophisticated
  10. You topic has to show that you understand the topic so be sure to choose one that is sophisticated enough for your education level.


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