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Top 5 Most Efficient Ways To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Are you getting ready for all the writing that’s going to be required of you in college or university? Even high school has a fair amount of mandatory writing. Before you’re finished your academic career you will be required to write several essays, or even more depending on the subject you are taking. Even after school is finished, many fields of study including business will require the writing of reports, etc. in the workplace.

Now is the best time to learn how to improve all your writing skills. Here are the top 5 ways to accomplish that:

  1. Write in a journal. This is a great way to gain lots of experience. It improves your skills, helps you discover new ideas to write about, and it allows your words to flow freely from your head onto the screen or paper, whichever you prefer. It can be personal or general, whatever theme you choose. But let your style come out and be seen. Every writer is unique.
  2. Participate in writing prompts. You can find many online agencies that offer writing exercises and little challenges for writers who want to network and get motivation from each other.
  3. Make yourself a blog. Since you can do it entirely free with one of the free blogging platforms, there’s really no excuse not to. Blog about any random thing that happens in your life, or choose a theme. Some people blog about travel, cooking, hobbies, or books they’ve read. This gets your writing seen by many people and encourages you to get better at doing it.
  4. Join a writer’s group. Don’t be shy about commenting, sharing and getting involved. You can learn a lot of great things here and draw on the skills and experience of others who can really help you on this pathway to improvement.
  5. Go to conferences and workshops that are geared to help writers discover their talents and hone their skills. Many of these are offered at very reasonable rates and you really learn a lot, so it’s probably worth the small investment.

There are some other simple things you can do as well, that don’t take very much time. For example, get in the habit of re-writing short articles you’ve read. This could include for example, a newspaper article or a magazine story. Read it through and then re-write it paragraph by paragraph. Try doing it line by line as well. It’s difficult at first but soon you’ll find it quite easy and your vocabulary will increase as well.


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