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24 Great Expository Writing Prompts For Middle School Students

An expository essay can be a really great way of learning something new, as well as an exciting piece of writing for people with analytical brains. Essentially, you will be required to explain or describe something about a particular topic. For example, you may wish to explain how a particular process takes place, as well as describing more abstract ideas, such as the emotions that you might feel after a particular set of events.

Choosing a topic that you would enjoy writing about

Whilst it might be easier to choose a topic that you are already familiar with, you might find it interesting to pick a topic that you do not know much about, as this will enable you to learn something new.

  1. Explain why some people get addicted to video games
  2. Explain why some victims of bullying may end up becoming bullies themselves
  3. Explain why young people like to rebel against their parents
  4. Describe how people feel when they fail the exam
  5. Explain what can happen when you don’t do your homework
  6. Explain the consequences of failing to get into your chosen college
  7. Explain the consequences of moving to a new area and joining a new school
  8. Explain the way in which people become friends
  9. Explain how Seeing Eye dogs can help blind people
  10. Explain how television shows and films can invoke an emotional response
  11. Explain how free medical care can benefit society
  12. Explain how a good education can help a person to succeed in life
  13. Describe the response and reactions that people go through upon hearing about the death of a loved one
  14. Describe the emotions that people experience when winning the lottery or a large amount of money
  15. Describe how creating a routine for yourself can make you more efficient
  16. Describe how learning to drive can change a young person’s life
  17. Explain how social media can change relationships
  18. Explain the consequences of getting arrested while
  19. Explain how washing your hands can help to minimize the risks of catching or spreading germs
  20. Explain how a microwave oven is able to heat food
  21. Explain how the thread on a screw works
  22. Explain how an electrical circuit works
  23. Explain how a television receives a signal
  24. Explain how a car’s engine uses petrol in order to produce the power that moves the vehicle

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