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Searching For Happiness

Every person is in some way looking for happiness and contentment. We are not born into a world that gives us lasting satisfaction because our world is flawed in so many ways. So, many of us seek happiness in the obvious places such as job satisfaction, wealth, and the praise of others. But many of these results in more discontentment because none of this happiness lasts forever. This essay will attempt to learn from these mistakes so that we can derive the true source of real happiness.

Where we look for happiness

Most of our society searches for happiness through obtaining money. The way these people reason is that money will ultimately buy them things that bring them pleasure. It will also win them the approval of others and perhaps even lead them to more choice in partnerships and friendships. Power is something else people crave, and money often gives them that power. However, ultimately this search results in selfishness, emptiness, and loneliness.

Results of misguided searching

People who run after these things are often left unsatisfied. Some realize sooner than others that real contentment cannot be obtained through having lots of money. Others erroneously think that getting even more money will satisfy their emptiness; but this is also a fallacy. In the end, every person dies; and we cannot take our money with us. So, what are the things that bring real happiness to our lives?

True happiness

People who find true happiness don’t necessarily have to be poor to do so. In fact, there are many people who are quite wealthy who experience happiness everyday—although it should be noted that their wealth is not the source of this happiness. People who use their wealth to help others, and those who dedicate their time to contributing to society, often gain a lot of lasting satisfaction from such deeds. This is where true happiness can be found.

The best things in life are free, and the act of giving is one of those things. Learning to let go of material goods is one of the most liberating experiences a person can have. People who give are often the type of people who get given more ability to give. So if you are searching for happiness, consider social work with orphans or the homeless. Consider giving your time or your money to helping those who cannot help themselves. That has its own reward: true happiness.


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