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Free Essay Writing Help: Instructions for Composing an Essay Outline

Essays tend to be fairly straightforward. Unlike novel writing which can be dissected in any number of ways, essays will almost always follow the same general pattern of a beginning, middle and end. This is true despite the many types of essays in existence such as compare and contrast, process analysis and arguments. No matter which type you’re working on you can use this method to create your outline:

Select the topic

Choose the topic that not only calls to you, but one that you feel adequately prepared to deal with in the way that it must be dealt with. If it requires extensive research and may cross your word limits, you may need to choose another. Especially if you have a deadline to meet. This isn’t always an easy choice to make but writing for pleasure gives greater allowance than writing for grades.

Divide it into points

Once you’ve chosen something to write about you will need to divide it into points. These will make up the paragraphs of the body of the essay. The way that these points are addressed depends heavily on the the type of essay you’ve chosen. Show how the points relate to each other in a compare and contrast or explain why oe point is superior to another in a persuasive style. At this stage, the points need only be separated and looked at in draft form.

Draft your introduction

An introduction may end up being the first thing that gets read but it is often much simpler to write after the points have been decided upon. This prevents you from contradicting yourself early on in the essay.Find ways to make your introduction work well between the title of the essay and the points it contains.

Draft your conclusion

The conclusion is best left to the end of the outline because it needs to agree with the points in the essay’s body as well as not be too similar to the introduction. Some teachers prefer for it to sum up the major points of the essay while others prefer that it just explain what you the writer would ‘conclude’ from all the information presented in the essay. At the draft stage you can afford to experiment with many ways to conclude your writing.

Just by following these instructions you can create your own fool-proof essay outline.


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