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Family Violence

Family violence is a very serious and dangerous pattern of behavior in which a person or persons interact violently with one another in a domestic or home setting. Domestic violence is used assert dominance and induce fear and intimidation in others. While there certainly are pre-established risk factors such as drug or alcohol abuse, and mental health issues, family violence can happen to and affect anyone, regardless of facets such as gender, age, race, or income. A statistic states that men are victim of nearly 3 million assaults of family violence, and 1 in 4 women will experience this violence in her lifetime, as well. The effects on the mothers, fathers, children, and other close family members and friends are staggering. Whether it is physical or mental, the abuse is a serious, dangerous, and often times fatal act which cannot always be avoided, but can be prepared for. It’s important to notice any underlying signs or symptoms of patterns of abuse, and know what to do in response.

Tips on Handling Family Violence:

  • Be aware of the signs.
  • The signs of family abuse are often subtle but turn prevalent quickly. If you experience or know anyone experiencing signs of abuse such as their significant other accusing them of cheating or being disloyal, isolating them, pressuring or controlling them, keeping tracks of their everyday activities to an unhealthy extent, physically or emotionally abusing them, threatening them or often threatening themselves, look for help. Reach out to a counselor, a friend, or a help line for assistance.

  • Consider support groups.
  • There are many different groups and organizations which offer help explicitly for those suffering from abuse, or those who know someone who is suffering. Whether it is in the marriage or in the home life, there are places to turn to. There are many different organizations, websites, and phone numbers to visit or call for advice and help.

  • Speak up if you notice abuse in another person.
  • If you are associated with a person who you speculate is suffering from abuse, show your concern. Ask them if anything is wrong, if they are comfortable speaking to you, listen and show your concern. Validate their qualms and their emotional distress, support them and offer help in any way possible. Do not assume they will come to you and ask for help or advice, and if they do, do not advise them to do anything. It’s important that they speak on their terms and understand you are willing to listen. Confer with them and offer to go to a group meeting with them or assist them in their path to safety and recovery, but do not control the situation.

Family abuse and violence is staggeringly common in modern society and often unspoken of. It’s important and extremely critical to be aware of the signs of abuse whether it is happening to you, someone you love or someone you know. Show compassion and strength in a difficult situation, no matter how impossible it may be. Knowing what signs to look for and what precautions to take will assist in making a harrowing situation much more survivable.


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