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Searching For An Example Of A Thesis Statement For An Essay

Essays are scholarly writings written by a student based on a particular theme, subject, event or a place etc. Usually articles are written on different organized paragraphs and each paragraph provides different information regarding the subject. A thesis statement extracts the coverall content of your entire article in a sentence or two. It gives the main topic of your descriptive writing and it can be defined as a road map for your paper. A statement is obtained after a lot of thinking process and formulating a proper thesis statement is the basement for your article writing.

The general format of an article includes the following sections, arranged in different paragraphs.

  • Title of the article
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Article body
  • Conclusion

The paper statement is portrayed on the introductory paragraph and it should be mentioned in the first or second line. The elaboration of the paper statement can be started from the next paragraph with detailed analysis and explanations. The paper statement should be specific and should not contain unwanted words, phrases which affect the quality of your work.

Searching paper statement examples for an essay

Referring the internet can get you enough samples and format regarding paper statement and how to build a paper statement for your article. Numerous academic websites and forums are available where you can study the general format and construct an effective paper statement for your article. The paper statement should contain the following points:

  • The paper statement must be centered on a debatable topic.
  • The paper statement must be short, focused and must not be too broad.
  • The content established by the paper statement must be concise and comprehensive. Avoid unnecessary phrases which deviate from the main topic of your descriptive writing.
  • The claims taken by paper statement should be well supported in the later paragraphs of the article and it should be substantiated with proper evidences.
  • An efficient paper statement should not be diplomatic and needs to pick a side.

Here are some examples for paper statements which satisfy the above points and will make a good article:

  • Why vaccinations should be made mandatory?
  • Is the present educational system too dependent on technology?
  • Why marijuana should be legalized?
  • How pollution affects the present society and our environment?
  • Global warming is one of the threats faced by our world today.

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