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How Do You Compose A Good Essay On Skills For Life?

There are different kind of articles and writings which are written and given for assignments to students in schools and universities. Each type has a specific format and structure and should be written in a proper flow. An essay should follow a logical and practical sequence of sentences and guide the reader in the right direction. It should be interesting and should be able to grab the reader’s attention.

The following structure should be followed in order to compose a good writing:

The introduction

The main objective of the introductory paragraph is to introduce the topic and the concerned subject. The introduction should briefly describe the intention of the following article. It can consist of a few defining terms and provide a short personal or historical context if interesting and appropriate.

Some guidelines to be kept in mind:

  • It should be short and beet 80-90 words
  • It should be succinct and to the point

Main body

This is the main section of any writing. It contains all the facts and figures. It summarises all the factual materials pertaining to the topic and also summaries of personal thoughts, philosophies and attitudes. It should have a proper balance between work of other researchers and that of the author’s viewpoints.


This is the last section of any writing. The main purpose of any conclusion is to summarize all the points and conclude from the arguments and comparisons stated earlier. In short it just indicates the learning which has been accomplished through the writing.

A popular topic for essays given today is “skills for life”. To compose a good and interesting writing on this topic the author should start by introducing what skills actually means. Skills are generally defined as abilities and positive behaviours which help people to deal better with changing demands and challenges of life.

Then the article should move on to the main body by pointing out all the different types of skills necessary in life including economical, social, behavioural and psychological. Examples from real life should be cited to make it more interesting for the readers. And the last section, the conclusion should summarize the points mentioned earlier. It should state the importance of these skills in life and how they enable individuals to tackle with problems and challenges in a much better and effective manner.

To compose a good writing on any topic the structured format should be followed and guidelines should be abided by.


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