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Japan And Chinese Interior Design

These two cultures are often indistinguishable from each other in the eyes of people of the Western world because of their, somewhat similar, physical features. Though similar in appearance, their design tastes differ largely and they are both the home of some of the world’s most beautiful and unique interior designs, each gaining popularity in their respective markets. Though there are some differences in style, both cultures are very passionate and proud of their designs and have shown this attribute time and time again in the beautiful images and landscapes created in these countries.

Japan interior

The Japanese interior furnishing styles are being copied by people of all nationalities and it is easy to see why. These constructs reflect the culture of the Japanese, a culture of love and deep respect for nature, mixed in with simplicity and a sparse approach to furnishing that serves to accentuate the appeal of single pieces in the setting. This can be appreciated by many professionals who live busy, city bound lifestyles and are desperately hoping to be able to get away, if just for a short time everyday. With these designs, the home can be transformed into a more natural setting, while keeping the sophistication and professional appeal necessary for a professional.

Chinese interiors

Compared to the Japanese, the Chinese design ideas may seem cluttered and grand however they are often quite functional, if not more functional than the Japanese, while maintaining that distinct aesthetic appeal that the Chinese are famous for. Form my observations, these furnishings focus more on depicting a particular scene or setting, all the individual pieces coming together to create one beautiful scenery, complete in itself setting the mood of the room the minute you walk in. Often highly accentuated by wooden pieces, the rooms and areas constructed by the Chinese are suited for large indoor and outdoor areas in need of a theme or mood setting.

As technology brings us closer everyday, we are now able to appreciate the creations and discoveries of cultures around the world. This intermixing of ideas and culture will one day allow us to select the best that humanity has to offer and discard the bad, replacing them with solutions from different cultures. The Chinese and Japanese countries have been somewhat closed to the rest of the world for centuries and it is quite inspirational to be able to experience their cultures today.


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