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Gothic Europe

This refers to the stage of Europe’s history from the 12th to 16th century during which the Architectural style, developed in France, prevailed as the dominant theme of building design. The term “Gothic” first appeared during the later parts of the Renaissance and this style of architecture quickly spread through most of Europe.

Churches and Cathedrals

The buildings of these times were famous for their high reaching, pointed arches, flying buttresses and ribbed vaults. These styles were not limited to religious building alone, however, even private dwellings, as well as castles, town halls and palaces share this design.

May of these buildings are still in existence today and are often considered priceless works of art. The styles of Gothic design was expressed most significantly in the larger, more prominent buildings for various reasons. Some people even believe that the styles and designs used can appeal to emotions or even connect them closer to their faith in god. It is impossible to study Gothic architecture without having to study a church or cathedral.

In the mid 18th century England, the practice of designing buildings with Gothic architecture was revived, mainly for construction of University and Ecclesiastical buildings and this practices continues to this day.

Political influence on Gothic Architecture

Around the end of the 12th century, Europe consisted of various kingdoms and city states and it was Angevin kings who brought the practice of Gothic architecture to these states from France, from where it originated, whereas it was delivered to Cyprus by the hands of Lusignan kings.

At the time, many town states were involved in peaceful trading agreements with other states and these cities form of pride was in their civic buildings. They built grand civic structures in Gothic style to demonstrate their pride and prosperity.

In the kingdom states, rules by feudal lords, instead of public buildings, private palaces and castles were built for the kings, dukes, bishops and other members of royalty in the Gothic style, which was popular all over Europe at the time.


The catholic church was the ruling religious power in Europe at these times and they also had significant influence in areas of politics and wealth as well. They also appointed bishops to rule over smaller areas of great worth and so many cathedrals and churches were build all over Europe for their purposes.

Gothic Europe has influenced our architectural taste to such an extent that we are unlikely to ever be able to rid ourselves of its influence in the near future.


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