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Planning And Writing A High School Essay: A Few Tips To Remember

Planning and writing your essay is a very important part of the process of making a successful essay. These tips should be able to help your from start to finish writing your essay.

Tips On Planning And Writing Your Essay

  • Read the question that you are given for your essay. Make sure to take note on all of keywords in it. Figure out what kind of essay, you are supposed to write. Identify the topic that you will be covering in your essay. And make sure you know the word count because you don’t want to write too little or too much.
  • Do all of your reading and research first. You want to keep a record of all the sources you used and take notes as you are reading and researching. Also write down quotes you might want to use in your essay and write down the source and page number so you can cite it later.
  • Start brainstorming some ideas of answers to the question that you were given. Think about all of the points you want to make in your essay. Take into consideration what evidence you gathered during your research.
  • Now you want to develop your thesis statement, this has to answer that question that was asked in your essay. You don’t want it to be too complex or too simple. This is the statement that you entire essay is about so you want it to be a good one.
  • Make an outline that has all of the information that you came up with during your researching and planning. Make sure all of the points that you are making are good ones and then the essay should be clear once you finish the outline.
  • Now you want to write the essay, write a strong introduction, make sure all of the body paragraphs have strong evidence to back up the thesis, and make sure the conclusion wraps everything up and leaves the reader thinking about the subject that you just told them about.
  • After the essay is completely written, now you want to go back and then check for any errors you might have made. This means grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, make sure all of that is fixed before you start the next part, which is adding your references. And make sure the copy you turn in it clean and neat.

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