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Writing A Winning Descriptive Essay On Justin Bieber In 5 Simple Steps

  1. Beginning.

    • Whatever you topic make sure that you follow the correct structure. Your introductory paragraph needs to set the tone for the rest of your work. Always start with your thesis statement.
    • For your descriptive essay on Justin Bieber, the thesis statement will depend on your view of him as a person, as a performer, as an icon for young people especially young girls or his behaviour.

  2. Structure.

    • Make sure that the paragraphs in the main part of your essay follow a logical and progressive order. The first paragraph should be a general observation, the second what you feel about the subject, the third work or impact of the topic.
    • For each paragraph the topic sentence needs to relate back to the original thesis statement. This may prove to be tiresome, but it helps the reader relate back to the focus of this piece of written work

  3. More Structure.

    • Start each paragraph with a generalised sentence about JB, then move on to specifics to qualify the theme. The middle part of the paragraph should more specific detail that supports your view of the topic.
    • The last sentence in each paragraph should sum up what you have written in the main part. This summing up should then open the way for the topic of the new paragraph as a form of a pre-introduction.

  4. Sensory Details.

    • Just like any other descriptive essay, you need to include some sensory detail, which will include adjectives, similes, metaphors and perhaps some personification. Be careful not to use clichés.
    • This may include a description of the music that he produces; or what in particular you like or dislike about his appearance and what feeling that these sensory details invoke.

  5. Conclusion.

    • This needs to a summary of everything and every detail that you have included in the piece of work. At this point you also need to restate the thesis statement, just remind yourself that the conclusion will be the last thing that the reader will read.
    • At the end of your writing your reader will have enough knowledge to either share your love or dislike for Justin Bieber and understand the reason for your feelings towards him.

When you have completed all of these steps make sure that you take some time to read through your work to check the clarity and accuracy. Do you feel that you have been able to accurately express your feelings? Have you been able to give the reader a comprehensive picture of your topic?


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