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Ten Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics For High School Students

The most important thing a student should know about a descriptive essay is that you want to create an image in the readers mind using their 5 senses. When the pupil is trying to pick essay topics, he should keep this in mind. He is going to want to involve the reader’s eyes, ears, touch, taste and nose to describe his topic. The topics usually end up being a person, place or thing. The essay will be so much better if the theme is something that creates emotion in the child or something that he loves. I have listed the top 10 topics that I think high school undergraduates would enjoy writing about. If they love what they are writing about, you have won half the battle.

  1. Sports Competition- this is very easy if the student was directly involved in the sport.
  2. First Kiss-perfect topic for a kid because relationships are a top priority for the age group
  3. Favorite Musical Band
  4. Their first car- First real taste of freedom for child
  5. American Idol or other Reality Shows- Novices can easily use the 5 senses to describe what happens on one of those shows
  6. High School Prom- creates a strong emotion in the young adult, which will make it so much easier to describe the event to his readers
  7. Senior Trip- This is a highlight of many students because they get to travel as a group and usually happens the last year they are together.
  8. High School Graduation- this is an extremely emotional time for your young adult. Describing this to a reader should be relatively easy.
  9. Pep Rally- this involves the whole student body and comes with the emotion of a big game
  10. First boyfriend/girlfriend- extremely emotional and important time in a child’s life

The common theme when choosing a topic for a descriptive essay seems to be how emotional the person, place, event, or thing is to the student. Because of this, describing the essay using the 5 senses is pretty easy. High school pupils use a 5 paragraph format with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. If your student decides what he wants to describe about one of the above topics, then uses the next 3 paragraphs to tell about his topic by using descriptive words and paint a picture for the reader using all of the 5 senses, then summarizes what he described in the final paragraph, he will be extremely successful.


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