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David And Goliath

The Biblical story of David and Goliath is loved by children and adults alike. It is from 1 Samuel. This story is so loved because the hero is actually a young boy. This story is fascinating and is one that never becomes boring to read because so many people can identify with it. For children, the hero is around their age, for adults it is about trusting and overcoming adversity in the face of a no win situation.

When the story begins, the Philistines and Israel are heading to battle. David had older brothers who were in the army of Israel while he was at home attending to the sheep. His father sent him to deliver food for his brothers and to gather news about the war. David was obedient to his father and arranged for the sheep to be cared for in his absence. This concern to make sure that the work was still accomplished showed that David had good insights, which would help him later on when he became king. David took care of his responsibilities as a priority.

Upon arrival David finds that Goliath of Gath had his brothers and the entire Israeli army riddled with fear from his taunts. In the Philistine army, Goliath was their champion. He was nine feet in height and he spoke words that hit David’s anger. Goliath claimed that the Israeli army would not receive any help from God in battle. David’s fear was secondary to the stance he would take with the Giant. David was determined to stand up for what he believed was right because Goliath had created blasphemy against God.

After leaving King Saul, David when straight toward Goliath and prepared for battle. He picked up five smooth stones out of the river bed and put four of them in his pocket. The fifth one was placed in his sling. They each ran toward the other. Goliath made fun of David and announced he had no fear of a little boy. When David let the stone fly out of his sling, it hit the giant in the center of his eyes and sunk deep into his forehead. While both armies looked on, Goliath fell forward. David then pulled the sword from its sheath and cut off Goliath’s head. David trusted in his faith in God more than weapons. David stood for causes, not his own personal agenda. He did not try to take Saul’s throne.


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