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Writing A Winning Problem Solution Essay On Gang Violence

Gang violence is definitely a problem that our society has to deal with. It is a great topic to write a problem solution essay. You can talk about gang violence as a whole or you can talk about various aspects of it instead. It want to be able to choose a topic where you will be able to develop a solid solution to the actual problem. You will define the issue and then give ways to improve on that issue or stop the issue. When it comes to writing a problem solution essay on gang violence, there are a few things to think about.

Clearly define the problem

Don’t assume that your audience understands the issue that you are writing your paper about. Even if you are writing about a topic that most people understand, it is your job to write this paper as if they didn’t. That means you will have to make sure that you start by telling your audience the things that they need to know to understand what a gang is and the effects or causes of the violence between them.

Propose a solution

The second part of the paper will be your opinion on how the issue can be solved. This means that you will come up a way to help or stop gang violence. It is probably more probable for you to try to and help the issue because there may not be any way to totally stop it. You will first propose your solution and then you will work to prove that your solution will work.

How it works

Now you will tell specifics on how and why your proposal will work. You can’t just make a general statement about how to fix it and then not tell how it will be done. This is going to be the part of your paper where you will need to include some details. You will want to give as much feedback as possible on your topic. Also include information on why you think your proposal will work. This is the second part of this section.

If you make sure that your paper includes these elements, you will be sure to have a successful paper that will prove to be influential and effective. How can you prevent gang violence? Think about the answer to this question and get started proposing your solution.


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