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How To Compose A Strong Essay: Professional Writing Tips

If you want to compose a strong essay, consider these professional writing tips below.

Writing the Introduction

The introduction is very powerful. It is used to engage your reader and to ensure they know you have thought about your topic carefully and have useful knowledge on the subject. The most reliable structure for your introduction is as follows:

  • Start off with a general point that relates to your central issue
  • Show the reader that you have an understanding of what the task is
  • Show your reader how you are going to address the topic within your essay
  • Link back to your original point

It might be possible to write your introduction within the confines of one paragraph, especially if you are writing a generic high school or college level paper. If you are instead writing a longer term paper or dissertation then you will want to adapt the introduction to roughly ten percent of the total page length you have.

The body of your text must fulfill any promises you made in the introduction, by including information you told the reader you would include and supporting the final conclusions to which you have come. Failure to do this will only demonstrate a lack of editing and self-critique on your behalf. The central component to your essay is where the information must be supplied to back up your argument and to show evidence. The body should:

  • Use an appropriate academic style
  • Should engage the reader and be interesting
  • Should offer clarity of thought and express your meaning clearly
  • Should sensibly preset the material in such an order that your ideas and argument develop naturally.

The conclusion is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to leave your reader with the feeling that the job you did was great. A good structure for the conclusion is:

  • To offer the reader a brief recap of what elements you covered in your paper
  • To reference how your argument fits within the bigger picture
  • To evaluate your main arguments
  • To highlight what aspects of your paper were the most important part

When you write a paper, you will be asked to critically evaluate yourself. This means you are responsible for seeing whether you adhered to the directions, established a good structure for the argument, and presented thorough evidence. When you review your work you should check that you have a balanced presentation of why there are invalid opposition claims


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