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Unknown Methods To Create An Interesting Reflection Essay

The main objective of any form of essay is to write in a succinct and clear approach about any topic you pick or are assigned to work on. When it comes to composing a reflection essay, this enables the writer to tell the target readers who he or she really is; who and what made him or her that way. In a nutshell, this refers to a form of writing which the writer reflects on his or her personality, the people he or she has met, the experiences he or she had that have influenced him or her as well as the places he or she has been.

In the same way, unlike most other forms of compositions that you might have written, reflection essays commonly do not deal with examining and determining figures and facts. These are much more personal and more flowing in terms of style and structure.

Here are some methods on how to compose an engrossing reflection essay:

  • Be sure to plan your paper appropriately.
  • Figure out an effective approach of composing the introduction.
  • It is crucial to be able to recognize the format of body paragraphs in order to back up the introduction.
  • Make it a point to come up with an effective conclusion.
  • Point out the style of this form of composition.
  • Carefully check the essay question and go over the marking criteria. Determine the experience of event in which you shall reflect.
  • Find clear answers to questions why, how, who, when, where and what in order to set the scene.
  • Highlight the main issues that you have identified in connection with the experience and contemplate on methods on how you can possibly link these main issues to the literature.
  • Write down additional notes in order to exhibit your insights as well as understanding obtained. Keep in mind that it is pivotal to link your insights to literature.
  • Likewise, it is crucial to make notes as to how you shall create the linkage between theory and clear practice.
  • Lastly, jot down how you shall expound your professional and personal learning requirements.

Other things to keep in mind:

In the body of the essay and reflection, it is highly advised to clearly describe the event, your feelings and experience at the time. In like manner, as a writer, it is important to assess the experience or event such as what was positive or negative about it. Finally, make sure to provide a clear analysis of the experience or event, for instance in the form of compare and contrast or cause and effect.


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