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How to Get Reliable Comparison and Contrast Essay Examples for Free?

A wealth of essays are available online for students. By scouring the Internet, students can locate comparison/contrast essay examples for almost any subject. Depending on the source, these papers may vary in quality. To get the best score on a paper, students must make sure that they are getting the best quality of writing.

Look for Results

If the website is unable to advertise their results, they are probably not the best source of comparison/contrast papers. Good sites can demonstrate a portfolio of work from their previous clients. They will also generally have reviews from students that site visitors can check out.


Free sites will often have a paper listed in the search engine. Although this is a great way to find an example, these papers cannot be turned in to a professor. If the paper can be found through a search of the internet, a professor can and will discover the plagiarism. Instead of just looking at free sites, students can explore some of the customized writing services available online. For a fairly low price, students can get an example paper written on the exact subject that they need.

Check for Academic Standards

Before using an online paper as an example, students should make sure that it fits the professor's requirements. Each paper is written in a style like Harvard, APA, Chicago or MLA. If the student is using this paper as an example, they need to make sure that it is formatted in the correct manner. Otherwise, the student may copy the wrong citation or proofreading style.


Students need to know that their information will remain private. Even if the paper is only going to be an example, it can look like plagiarism if the professor finds out. To prevent this from occurring, students should make sure that the site they use keeps personal information, user names and details private. If the student is paying for the essay, they will also want a secure site because their financial information could be at risk.


Writing a paper can take days or weeks for the average student. If the site cannot complete a paper on the subject, the student needs to know in advance. To prevent this from occurring, students should only use reputable sites that can commit to a firm deadline. A quick look through reviews of the site will help the student to figure out if the writers can actually meet the deadline or not.


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