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How to Find Free Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction Examples

The most frequent mistake students make with the comparison and contrast essay is they think they are supposed to both compare and contrast within one essay. You are most certainly not expected to do both of these very time consuming processes in one short, typically four to five page essay.

As I have been an English instructor for many years, I know that some of the more successful essays I have received in this genre are ones in which students contrast their impressions of what, say, going to the university would be like both before and after they finally attended. Impression essays, in which you compare your previous assumptions about some thing, some one, some experience, some class course, some food item, even performing a task like laying laminate flooring, can become an interesting comparison essay. I had a student who wrote a comparison essay comparing his assumptions about what laying laminate flooring in his house would be like before and after going through the actual experience. He had thought it would be easy, and it turned out to be very very challenging indeed!

The Necessities

What you want to make sure to have in your introductory paragraph of the comparison and contrast essay are two things. First, you need several attention-getting sentences that will draw your reader in. You want these to be as interesting and engaging to the reader as is possible, as this will keep them reading on.

But the other part of the introductory paragraph that is so important is the thesis statement, And most students feel like you have to build suspense in an essay—and you do not want to create suspense at all – instead of going ahead and writing a good thesis statement.

For example, in the laying of laminate flooring essay, you would need a solid thesis statement like the following one below.

Sample Thesis Statement:

I had assumed that laying laminate flooring would be somewhat easy. As I learned, however, it turned out to be the most excruciatingly difficult experience I had ever been through.

And then the essay will circle back and explain his assumptions versus the reality of the experience.

Finding good Introductory Paragraph Samples

To find good samples of comparison essays, Google “great sample comparison and contrast essays” and pay attention to their intro paragraphs – looking for the thesis statement.


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