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Academic Writing Help: A List of Exciting Essay Topics for College Students

When it comes to great academic essay writing many experienced writers will tell you that it’s absolutely important to write on an interesting or exciting topic to not only attract your audience’s attention but to also keep you interested in the topic along the way. Here are some great essay topics for college students:

  • Removal of Advertisements: Some advertisements, like those for smoking or alcohol, can sometimes come off as offensive or as sending false thoughts about what it means to have fun. Should these advertisements be removed?
  • Increased Need for Airport Security: As threats of global terrorism increase each year, is it time that airports accept policies for physical pat-downs for those flying? What reasons are there either for or against this?
  • Alcohol and Legal Drinking Age: Should the legal drinking age be lowered in the U.S. where adults are allowed to vote and go to war as soon as they turn 18? What effects do you propose this will have on our nation’s young adults?
  • Arming Commercial Airline Pilots: Will our skies be safer if airline pilots were armed in an attempt to prevent in-flight hostage situations or acts of terrorism? Would airline pilots face any consequences if they act too quickly?
  • Child Soldiers in Third World Countries: Some third world countries continue to allow and sometimes force child soldiers to fight in their wars. Should the global community make it a higher priority to act against this?
  • Justified Civil Disobedience: Are acts of civil disobedience justified when they are committed to protect or to push forward a cause? Is it a gray area that needs further discussion in terms of rules or definitions?
  • Fast Food Restaurants and a Blame for Obesity: Should fast food restaurants be held responsible for the people who have become obese eating foods from their menus? Or does the blame and responsibility fall largely on the people who visited these restaurants in the first place?
  • Young Women and Feminism: What does feminism mean in today’s world and what do young women think of it in particular? For instance, do young women view feminists of today in the same way they viewed feminists of half a century ago?
  • Legality of Infidelity: Some states have made infidelity a punishable crime and will often side against a cheater when it comes to these issues. Should the rules for this be expanded to all 50 U.S. states or should the rules be made more lax since this is often private versus a public matter?
  • Journalism and Revealing Sources: Should journalists be forced to reveal their sources or should they be allowed to quote and reference without stating where they received the information?

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