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Where to Get a Custom Essay at a Moderate Price

The first place to look is online. Do a bit of background research first and get an idea of the charges that some essay writing services charge. You will see that there is quite a spread of prices.

Whilst looking at different agencies and writing services you may want to have a look to see if there is anyone locally that may take on your work. Have a look on some of the social media sites to see if there are any academic writers that are advertising their service.

Or If that fails, use social media to ask if anyone knows a freelance writer that may be interested in doing some work for you. If you get a recommended writer you can then discuss the details of the work that you need. But they may not be an academic writer.

Make a note of the topic of the essay, word count needed, dead line date, referencing format and any other relevant information that will be useful to a writer. It will be handy to have all this information close at hand.

The next item to tackle is the ‘T’ factor. ‘T’ stands for time. The more time you can allow a writing service to produce a custom essay for you the less it will cost you. This can be difficult especially if you have been trying to get the essay done yourself and you have just run out of time and that is going to be a bit costly.

  • Going back to your original task, have a look at the prices again and pick out 2 or 3 services that are charging a moderate fee and see how that checks with your wish list.
  • If you find that the writing services you have targeted meet your needs and are within your price range email them and let them know your requirements and then let them know your budget.
  • If they offer to do your work for your for less than the advertised price do make sure that the work is still going to be original and will be proofread. Make sure that you have the money to pay for the work, but do not pay if they work is not what you asked for. Your rights are still the same even if they are producing the work for a reduced fee.

The important aspect here is that sometimes if you don’t ask then you don’t know if they will reduce their fees.


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