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Cell Phone Culture

Cell phones are nowadays a very important part in our lives. Cell phones have in fact become an indispensable device that we possess all the time. It is considered one of the most important creations of mankind while definitely bringing the world together.

How Different Countries Approach Cell Phones

According to a survey made by the World Bank, three fourth of the world population uses cell phones. Although its use is the same, cell phones are known differently in many parts of the world. In the United Kingdom, cell phones are known as mobiles while in USA they are known as cell phones and in Germany this device is referred to as handy.

In Japan, people do not take phone calls in public places including restaurants and cafes. If this happens, they either silence the phone or have a very swift call when the phone rings. Games, messages, mobile emails as well as novels are more popular in Japan in comparison to voice calls.

In contrast, mobile devices are used everywhere in both Spain and Italy. People are answering calls in public places and phone calls are not forbidden; therefore, there are not such restrictions in public places as in Japan. Messaging under the table while discreetly texting is a common thing in all these countries.

In parts of India as well as in Africa, the trend is even different. A person calls another person and when the other person can answer it, that person disconnects the call. This is the practice widely known throughout India as ‘The Missed Call’. This way that person who missed the call is able to call back. This is a practice which is commonly used to save money.

Different Uses

The cell phones are used differently by all parts of society. Some of them use cell phones just for the aim of taking calls. These are people who do not use cell phones for other purpose than its basic purpose. People are using cell phones as an iPod or for calling. A lot of these people might not be happy with a mediocre model. Others want to enjoy only songs and call. There are also people who can be considered as ‘Gadget Freaks’. For them, the mobile might refer to a world that resides in their cell phones. They are managing to do basic tasks such as paying utility bills with their cell phones.


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