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How To Come Up With Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics: Tips And Examples

There are different types of essays to encourage, delight and trouble students. You will find persuasive ones; reflective ones; profile, narrative, discursive and fictional ones. All have different demands and different ways of expressing themselves.

Caution in the wind

One such breed is descriptive essay; which requires you to present holistic elaboration on the understudy. You should take enough care while penning it; or the pieces may just burst at the seams. Here are the pointers –

  • Due grounding – You should be fairly up with the topic; your knowledge should be almost authoritative. Don’t make the mistake of imagining you have enough oats just because you have heard of the topical theme enough in your life. Be grounded in actuality.

  • Draw references – You cannot shy away from labor in any vein. The resources and references you pull out from will make your essay more crusty and powerful. Make an endeavor towards furnishing genuine and well-crafted work.

  • Drawing perspectives – Do not restrict yourself to personal perspective; derive comparisons with perceptions of scholars and people in the field. Create a thorough synthesis so that the essay becomes redoubtable and thus believable.

  • Critical junctures – Whether you describe a person, an event; an ideology or a policy, you should be aware of the critical junctures. There are ebbs and flows in all motions of life. You should bring them out to the fore.

  • The standing motif – Your essay gets a new life through the suffusion of a standing motif; messianic interpretation of you will. You may utilize a thesis statement for the same or you can utilize a particularly evocative sentiment for conduction.

  • An apt conclusion – With the descriptive piece, your conclusion should be right on the button. Therein the reader will absorb that this is a significant piece in their hands.

Here are 10 intriguing descriptive essay topics for your purview –

  1. Describe the position and extreme luck factor of Poland in the 1st World War
  2. Describe the life of Nelson Mandela; his struggles and his eventual victory against Apartheid
  3. Describe the basic premise of stem cell theory and suggest why it is considered unethical
  4. Describe how online intervention has struck small movie makers extremely harshly on a global scale
  5. Describe the efficacy of existing educational pattern and suggest solutions where suitable
  6. Describe the game of Golf and explain how you can become an authority in the game as a player
  7. Describe the scintillating Balance of Nature
  8. Describe the theory of expansion of the Universe and hypothesize what will happen if suddenly the tide turns back
  9. Describe the general life of people in a rural village
  10. Describe how cybercrime rules have given birth to greater number of cyber criminals

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