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A List of Good Topics for a College Argumentative Essay

In college argumentative essays, a good topic is half of success. If you are stuck with your choice, feel free to use one of the ideas below.

  • Should there be an upper wages limit?
  • Famous actors earn up to $20 millions of dollars for a film or even more, and CEOs get similar amounts of money monthly, while most people have to survive on much smaller wages. Do you think it is unfair and an upper wages limit should be set to bridge the gap between rich and poor?

  • Should homework be prohibited?
  • A number of research studies report homework to have adverse impact on students’ health. Should it be banned for this reason? Or colleges just need to keep the total amount of homework at a reasonable level?

  • Should parenting courses be made compulsory?
  • In the past, when a typical family had five children, almost everyone came out of age with experience of looking after small siblings. Today, when families with one or two children are common, many adults have no idea of how to handle a baby when they decide to start a family. Do you think our society would benefit if everyone is required to complete parenting courses? Or it is a matter of personal choice and governments should not interfere?

  • Do standardized birthday congratulations have any value?
  • We often feel obliged to congratulate everyone we know on their birthdays. Social networks would remind us of the date, and an array of free cards would pop up for you to select one and send it with a single click. Some people think these standard greetings, with no personal message added by the sender, hold no pleasure at all. Do you like the practice of sending “momentary” birthday cards, or you would rather eliminate it?

  • Should teenagers be allowed to keep their mobile phones at family dinners?
  • This issue provokes constant debate in many families. Teenagers insist on having their phones close at hand so they would not miss anything important, while older family members view it as a sign of disrespect and insist of turning the phones off or putting them away. Which side would you take?

  • Do we have to read classical works?
  • Literature professors assign lengthy lists of books for every college students to read. Do you think there is any use from reading books that might not match your taste and that were written decades or centuries ago? Or there is a necessary minimum everyone must read?

  • How dangerous using Google is to our privacy?
  • Would you turn this search engine down for others, e. g. those that do not store your search history? Or these safety concerns are void as you can delete your history and cookies any time you wish?


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