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Searching for Interesting Issues for Argument Paper Topics

At any given moment of any given day, people will be engaged in a battle of wits to either assert their dominance, bring about intellectual discourse or just because they sincerely believe the other person is completely incorrect. Some English language courses will make their students write a paper about something that people could possibly argue and here are some interesting issues that could be discussed:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Death Penalty
  • Flat Tax Rate
  • Participation Trophies


One of the topics that everyone is told from a young age to never discuss with someone is politics. A paper on this idea could stem into anything, such as gay marriage, military intervention, AIDS research, Ebola research, etc. A paper can be written from the perspective of any political party, whether Republican, Democrat or one of the other minor parties such as Green or Libertarian.


The other thing that should never be discussed is religion. A good argumentative paper however can talk about religions different from someone else’s and how they are bad or good, abortion topics, gay marriage or discussing the problems with Catholic priests.

Death Penalty

Although people disagree on if the death penalty should exist or not, one very good argumentative paper to write would be on how to execute those under the death penalty. The paper can discuss lethal injections, hangings, stoning’s and electrocutions.

Flat Tax Rate

The American Dream was always been taught as having a white picket fence with a spouse and two children with the pet dog. The thought that if someone works hard enough, they can earn all of their money for themselves was something to aspire to. A flat tax rate paper can argue for or against taxing persons that make billions of dollars a year the same percent that someone who owns a mom and pop shop would.

Participation Trophies

Stories have been based through social media as to how children in school are receiving trophies for participating in events even if they do not win. A paper for this could delve into whether it takes away from the competitive spirit and does not make children want to try as hard or if it is a good way to raise every child’s self-esteem amongst their peer group. The paper can outline whether it will help or deter children from succeeding later in life under a competitive work environment.


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