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The Key to Writing a Good 5 Paragraph Essay on Any Topic

Writing a proper academic essay is a basic skill that every modern student should operate. However, successful essay requires knowledge of a number of special hints, which will help you during the writing process.

  • First of all, look through the guideline from your lecturer/tutor and carefully follow all the advices. Also, check the list of suggested literature, if it was given, and consult as much as you can. If you have to choose an essay topic all by yourself, simply make up a list of everything you are highly interested in, and pick up the best one. This step also requires organizing your ideas in note-making form. As a student it is important to improve effective note-making skills to guarantee that you get the most out of brainstorming. Be sure that you have enough of time for the researching process, reading and editing. Don’t leave your essay till the last minute. As the work includes a daunting amount of reading, you have to be sure that at least a week is reserved.
  • The best way to start your academic essay is to write an intro. Intro – is a sentence that attracts the reader’s attention before the thesis statement, which is usually the next sentence in the initial paragraph. Here’s an example, “During the 1932 presidential election process, Al Smith was supported by some city bosses, while Roosevelt had a strong base in the most populous state.” And the thesis statement should be, “As a result, Roosevelt won 57% of the vote and created a new majority coalition for the Democrats”.
  • The next step is to divide your essay structure figuratively into three pieces, as your assignment is to write a 5 paragraph essay. Each piece (paragraph) should support the main idea of your thesis statement. Include some facts to prove that your thesis is correct. Again, include only your strongest samples first. This is a step when your notemaking skills will be essential. Also, try to link your paragraphs with the help of transitional sentences.
  • The last step, but one of the most substantial, is forming the essay’s conclusion. It should combine thesis statement and 3 parameters. For example, “Franklin Roosevelt’s victory was a result of dynamic character, strong base in the most populous state as a governor and obvious sympathy of American people.”
  • After finishing your academic essay leave it for a couple of days. This step is not mandatory, but it gives you some time to clear your mind and return to your paper with a fresh perspective, as most essays are dramatically improved.

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